Glasgow swingers club CJ’s promises to continue parties despite COVID-19 fears

Glasgow swingers club CJ’s promises to continue parties despite COVID-19 fears

A Glasgow adult nightclub has vowed to continue its sex parties despite fears of the coronavirus.

CJ’s in Glasgow has limited its capacity to less than 100 revellers each night in an effort to combat the spread of the virus, which has so far infected 31 people in Glasgow.

The club promises ‘a fun enjoyable night out in safe and comfortable surroundings with a relaxed atmosphere’.

They say events scheduled this weekend and throughout next week will go ahead.


And bosses have reassured regulars that measures have been put in place to reduce any potential risks, including placing hand sanitizer dispensers at different locations within the venue.

A statement on a sex site from the club’s owners reads: “CJs parties will still be going ahead and extra measures have been put in place to reduce any risks.

“Hand sanitiser dispensers have been placed on the wall at the entrance outside the cloakroom, at the top of the stairs before you enter playrooms and in the kitchen area.

“We are asking guests to please make use of these along with washing your hands before and after play.

“We will be restricting parties to less than 100 guests until further notice. Swing safe as always.”

Becoming a swinger: one swinger’s story

Becoming a swinger: one swinger’s story

My husband and I used to play a game of naming movie stars we would like to sleep with. Eventually, that game transformed to discussing people we know who we’d like to sleep with. Although we didn’t start giving each other permission to actually have sex with these people, the idea was planted.

I didn’t start my marriage as a swinger. I was married for more than a decade before we first couple swapped.

The next couple of years were spent with things I’d call testers. At parties we played the game, “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” From there we started experiencing sex with someone watching. All these things may seem tame to most, but to us it was the beginning of a lifestyle we didn’t know we wanted.

We became members of a webcam site called anywebcam. The site allowed us to be voyeurs, which in turn led to us having sex on the webcam. We spent time chatting with other couples and eventually decided to meet a group of people from the website. We took a trip to Tennessee to attend a party with this group, who were friends that regularly got together and played.

For this group, playtime consisted of girl-on-girl while the men watched. One couple secretly told us they were a full swap couple, but that type of play didn’t normally occur with this group.

Enter Soccer Mom; blonde, skinny, and tan; arriving with no preconceived notions. I seemed to transform the group, at least for one evening.

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The parties theme was toga. So while my husband was off with a few of the boys buying more alcohol, I was standing in a thong having people dress me in a toga. This was the beginning of loosening up the rules for everyone. The evening moved along with some kissing and a little touching. Before I knew it I was getting quite a bit of attention. Picture this: me on the couch with a man kissing my lips, kissing each of my breasts, and a female between my legs. Each would alternate positions. The guys and girls would gesture for an ok from my husband before they joined the fun. A female saw that my husband was standing alone so she offered to take care of him.

Later that night we experienced our first swap with another couple. We went back to our hotel room with the other couple. Each of us started having sex with our own spouses. Not long after the guys looked at each other for a permissive nod, then we traded. This was a thrilling experience for both of us. From that night on we knew this was something we wanted to experience again and again.

Experiences shared by Marc & Shelley

Experiences shared by Marc & Shelley

Me and Marc have been into swap for a long time now but we only had FFM 3somes. For some reason, he is scared of inviting another man to fuck me. I have always been patient but lately I wanted more and more to experience a MMF threesome. I know he would be jealous if it was a friend or anyone we know, so I offered him something else (which is also a fantasy of mine): we would go to a swingers club, we’d find Mr Nobody, and him and Marc will split-roast me all night long. A win-win for everyone ?

One weekend, we did that, went to a club where no one knew us, and spent all night meeting people and trying to find a bull suitable for the job. But whenever I liked someone, I could feel Marc pulling back and not getting excited even for a second. So, I thought I’m pushing him too fast and offered to go back to the hotel room.

When we got there, I went on the balcony for a cigarette and he said he’d go out for a bit because he wanted to get some ice. It took him a while but I guess I never noticed. I was in bed reading when he came back. He was holding a blindfold in his hand, put it on me without saying a word and then told me to strip naked and to remain in bed. That’s when I heard the door open again and someone else came into the room!

Marc made me suck his cock while the other person spread my legs and started licking my ass and pussy. It was a great feeling to feel his penis deep in my mouth while the other person was eating me out. I was getting more and more wet and horny but a thought was still lurking in the back of my head – is this a man or a woman? Will hubby finally make my dream come true?

A few minutes later, Marc reached over my back and spread my legs even further apart. A second later I felt a big, fat cock slide inside my wet pussy! Holy shit, I was finally in a MMF threesome!!!

So, here I am, getting tag-teamed by my lovely husband and the mysterious stranger. I’m still wearing the blindfold and I can’t even see him. But I don’t care. Marc is busy fucking my mouth and nearly suffocates me while the other guy is methodically ramming his cock deep inside my pussy. I cum once and squirt a little but he doesn’t stop. After a while, I cum again and start feeling a bit sore – so I need a rest. Then I feel Marc’s load shooting out of his cock and right down my throat but still nothing from the other lover.

They let me rest for a bit while both lick me and touch me and make me even hornier. Then, Marc makes me get on all fours and starts fucking me from behind while it’s Mr Stranger’s turn to get a blowjob.

Soon, I cum again (for the third time!!) and feel hubby’s cock start throbbing deep inside me – he orgasms again. I want to tell the other man that I’m very tired but before that he flips me on my back, opens my legs, and starts fucking my pussy harder than ever. Soon, he pulls out and I feel the biggest load I ever experienced all over my body. It even hits my face!!

Then, Marc removed my blindfold and when I looked around, I almost jumped out of bed because besides Mr Stranger, I saw a woman sitting in a chair in the corner and holding a camera! Then I recognize them – they are a couple from the club we went to!

My husband planned it all out – he spoke to them about my fantasy while I was in the bathroom, then pretended to me that he’s backing down, and then met them in the hotel lobby (when he “went for ice”).

I can never thank this woman enough – she shared her husband with me and made a dream of mine come true. We never got their names and they didn’t know ours. We will probably never meet them again. But I’ll remember this night for the rest of my life!

The Swinger couple who run a sex club after….

The Swinger couple who run a sex club after….

A couple who are spicing up their sex life by opening their bedroom door to strangers have revealed how their swinging lifestyle brings them closer.

Lawrence, 31, and Jess, 25, started engaging in sex with other couples around five years ago.

And since then, the sexually curious couple have been hosting their events after launching their own swingers club called Our Secret Spot hidden in Sydney.

The club connects like-minded couples and single women so they can explore their wildest fantasies, such as BDSM, fetish, orgies, threesomes or foursomes.

 Here, the adventurous pair share a glimpse into their lives – and how swinging has strengthened their five-year relationship.

‘What swinging can bring to a relationship is it can bring a lot of fun, first and foremost for a lot of people,’ Lawrence told The Morning Show.

‘But later down the track if you continue on, the lifestyle Jess and I found could bring a lot of communication and trust.

‘Honest communication helps you in all other facades of the relationships so you don’t have anything to hide from your partner and you could just talk really frankly with each other.’

The pair met five years ago working at their ‘everyday job’ when they soon discovered they shared a fondness for swinging.

‘He took me on a date, told me all about what he was into and straight from the get-go, we sort of started together,’ Jess said.

Explaining how their relationship works, the pair insisted they were not in an open relationship but they explore their sex life by mingling with other people together.

‘We play with other people,’ Jess said.

Jess said she came clean about her double life to her family about two years into their relationship.

‘I explained that me and my partner were getting into the swinging and we’ve opened up this club together as well,’ she said.

‘They definitely got a little bit confused, concerned, I mean I’m their baby daughter, so of course, it’s your child, you want to look after them.

‘But once I explained exactly what it is, and how comfortable I’m in this lifestyle, how I can express all my feelings and emotions, they kind of warmed up to it.’

As their relationship remains stronger than ever, the pair insisted they have not cast any concerns on whether one of them might meet someone else.

‘That’s something you’re going to have to risk, that sounds terrible but I mean, I love this man to death so I don’t feel like he’s going to run away,’ Jess said.

‘But if that happens, you just have to learn how to communicate your way through it. So there are going to be hiccups and there’s going to be things that you’re not going to like and what’s happening.

‘As long as the communication level between the two of you is very strong and you’re more than happy to talk about it, I think you’ll be fine.’

The swingers club, which opens every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, only accepts couples and single women – no single men are allowed.

There are rules in place, including no photography, no prostitution, no drugs – and couples must stay together at all times.


‘The most important rule is consent,’ Lawrence said.

‘Our club and any other club around the world is consent is key because you can’t walk around and touch people, it’s completely not like that.

‘Most people come to the club think it is going to be like that [but] it’s far more respectful than a normal nightclub where guys are just groping girls because they can.

Entrance costs between $100 to $200 a night for couples who are not members and $20- $50 for single women. The entry fee includes condoms, lubricant, towels, a locker and refreshments.