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Life is Short. Enjoy it !

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Life is Short. Enjoy It !


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Falling in love with libido

No man can fall in love with a woman who has not imagined himself naked and in the most unthinkable sexual...

Thinking about sex

According to a recent study, half of men think about sex up to twenty times a day. The other half, on the...

I Don’t care…

I don't care what people think of me. I don't care if the person who broke free inside me thinks I'm just...

The freedom of youth

Desiring to live, feel, get excited and have the courage to make mistakes. Desiring to experience sex, in...

Thinking about you…

I can't express the cravings coursing through my body. I can't use that direct way of telling me that you...

Ode to good wine

Ode to good wine. Ode to beautiful women. A woman and a glass of wine satisfy every need; he who doesn't...

Do you still wonder why?

Do you still wonder why red is considered the colour of Passion?

Every book has a soul

“Every book has a soul, the soul of the person who wrote it and the soul of those who read it and dream...

Listen to the Nature

Nature, as for women, must be listened to with the eyes. If you try to interpret it, it will be impossible...


Lingerie isn't used to cover something, but to highlight everything you want to show.