Angela and Bradford  couple explains why “Monogamy didn’t work for us…”.

Angela and Bradford couple explains why “Monogamy didn’t work for us…”.

Mr and Mrs Atom, from Raleigh in North Carolina, are both bisexual and have been married for three and a half years, moved to Australia after Bradford received a job opportunity too good to pass up.

“Nether of us would ever go back to it.

“We were both married before meeting one another, which weren’t open relationships,” Angela, 38, added.

“When we started dating, we were hooking up and it wasn’t serious. But when we wanted it to be more serious, we made it known to each other that we wanted to see other people.

“This quickly turned in to seeing couples together … we call it friends with benefits.”

Both working in the science field, the international move allowed the pair to have a clean slate and be completely open about their relationship from the get go.

“We are very lucky,” Mr Atom said.

“When we moved, we got a free pass to restart everything. When we arrived, we made it a point to be open and honest with everyone about our relationship. Both our families know, we have friends at work who know about us, and in the real world we are just open and honest.

“If you hide, that’s a real problem and simply shows guilt, but this is the way a normal relationship can look.”

The pair, who now live in Sydney and run adult sexual education classes in addition to their full time jobs, said every open relationship was different – but they tend to see other couples together.

“It’s a fun experience, but the key to any successful open relationship is a strong basis of communication and trust,” Mr Atom said.

“There are times when we see people separately, which we talk about in depth. This is much more than just sex.

“We consider ourselves ‘socio-sexuals’, meaning we like to have a deeper relationship with people and not just sex.

“Sometimes we have sex sometimes we don’t,” Mrs Atom added.

“Sometimes we might just have a drink with someone, or go to dinner. It’s not just a wham bam thank you ma’am.”

While Mr and Mrs Atom would never go back to a monogamous relationship, they do acknowledge jealousy can come in to play from time to time.

“We are each others home base, so no matter what happens or who we see, we will always come home to each other,” Mr Atom said.

“There is no one that will interrupt us, but jealousy can come in to play.”

“But there’s two sides to the coin with jealousy. Compersion on one side, which means you’re happy if your partner is happy, and on the other side is jealousy.

“For us, it’s about getting in check and in balance.

“We understand this is fringe,” Mrs Atom added.

“We are not the cookie cutter mould of normal. But everybody is very supportive of us.”

While it’s virtually impossible to know how many Australians are living polyamorous [open relationship] lifestyles, a US academic study indicates that about five per cent, or, 1.2 million Aussies are foregoing monogamy for non-traditional partnerships.

Mr and Mrs Atom saw a gap in adult sexual education market, and made the decision 18 months ago to launch By the Bi – which teaches couples and singles everything they’ve wanted to know about sex, but haven’t felt confident or comfortable enough to ask.

“A lot of people in the 25 to 50 year old age group get their sexual education from porn,” Mr Atom said.

“That’s like getting life information from an Avengers movie. So we wanted to educate adults to have a better relationship with their partner.”

The classes, which run once a month from a club in Sydney called The Secret Spot, starts off with a presentation before concluding with a live demonstration.

“This is so people can see and understand what has been spoken about at the start of the class,” Mrs Atom said. Then participants in the class can go home and try it for themselves.

“So if it’s a flirting class, we will demonstrate both good and bad techniques. If we do a massage class, we will demonstrate different hand job techniques,” she said.

“Our most popular classes is the blow job demonstration and the clitoris massage, but

we’ve never demonstrated sex. We try to be informative without being crass.”

How to Set Up a Threesome FFM or MMF

How to Set Up a Threesome FFM or MMF

he sexually free are always a part of every community or society and swingers can be classified in that category. Swingers are just individuals like you and me; they can be the neighbor next door, colleagues at work, the pizza man, the couple that runs that store in your neighborhood and just about anyone.

Before the internet became an integral part of life, swingers were strictly a secret society of like-minded people who met through dating and adult magazines. Because of the limited mediums through which they met, it was difficult to tell the population of swingers back then, but with the popularity of internet use all that changed. Now it’s possible to meet swingers from any part of the world and arrange a meeting. The swinging community has risen tremendously thanks to the convenience of the internet. There are many swinger sites that have made this possible, one such site is

Setting up a Threesome

Have you ever dreamed of having a threesome? It’s possible to find a third for your MMF or FFM threesome using All you need to do is create a FREE account with the site to start finding your third. Complete a simple form that gives other swingers an idea of who you are and what you’re looking for to find the perfect match for you and your partner. Whether you’re looking for a single female or a single male to play with, I’m sure you can find him/her on

Meet the Swingers

Once your account has been created, you become an online member of the swing lifestyle and can now log in to meet with other swingers. You can view profile information, pictures, IM or video chat with other swingers online. There is also a swinger’s chat room where you can freely interact with other swingers and join the many swinger groups available.

As you interact with other swingers, you will find out who is interested in participating and fulfilling your dream of a threesome FFM or MMF. You will no doubt meet many interested parties who will gladly give you a date. You can select the persons that perfectly meet your requirements and set up a “Hot Date” to meet and get to know each other. It is that easy. You can meet interested parties located within your area or far away if you want as much privacy as possible.

Have fun

After setting up your “Hot Date”, then relax and get ready to have some fun. Remember the swinger lifestyle is supposed to be fun. Never do anything to anyone that you wouldn’t love done to you without their consent. Please remember “No always means No”.

Swingers party goes bad when ‘jealous’ wife attacks husband with minivan

Swingers party goes bad when ‘jealous’ wife attacks husband with minivan

BAY CITY, MI — A swingers party gone awry has led to a woman facing three felonies.

Bay County Sheriff’s deputies at about 10:30 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 21, responded to an assault complaint in the 100 block of Walter Court, within Bangor Township’s Bangor Downs housing community. The caller told dispatchers a woman was trying to run people over with a motor vehicle.

Deputies arrived to see a red or maroon Dodge Caravan in front of a residence and 28-year-old Amber K. Schomaker trying to enter the home with a screwdriver in her hand. Also outside was her 33-year-old husband, who was bleeding from a wound to his forehead, court records show.

The 26-year-old female resident who called 911 told deputies she and her 31-year-old fiance had the Schomakers over for a swingers party. According to police, Amber Schomaker was downstairs with the female resident’s fiance and her husband was upstairs with the female resident.

When the pair upstairs came down, Amber Schomaker slapped her husband and went outside. The other three people followed her, only to see her get in her minivan and drive toward them. The minivan went over the curb, onto the sidewalk, and toward the porch where her husband and their hosts were standing, the woman told police.

Both men had to jump out of the way to avoid being hit, the woman told deputies.

Amber Schomaker drove away, but came back a few minutes later and resumed a physical altercation with her husband.

The male resident and Amber Schomaker’s husband gave similar accounts as to what had transpired. The husband said his wife attacked him because she was jealous.

The husband had a deep cut to his forehead, bloody scratch marks on his right shoulder, a bite mark on his left shoulder, and was bleeding from his mouth, court records show. Amber Schomaker had a scratch down the middle of her back and a swollen right cheek.

Amber Schomaker, who appeared to be intoxicated, told police she had the screwdriver to start the minivan. She said she had consumed up to a half-fifth of vodka within the previous two hours.

Deputies at 11:05 p.m. administered a preliminary Breathalyzer test to Amber Schomaker, the results of which indicated her blood alcohol level was 0.156. In Michigan, a person is legally intoxicated when his or her blood alcohol level hits 0.08.

Deputies arrested both Schomakers. The husband was arrested for violating a personal protection order listing his wife as the protected party.

While en route to the Bay County Jail, Amber Schomaker threatened to sue the deputies for false arrest. She also added she hoped one deputy’s wife was cheating on him.

“While in intake, Amber continued to be rude and agitated toward jail staff by kicking the doors, yelling, and taking her clothes off,” a deputy wrote in his report.

Once in the jail, Schomaker would not submit to another breath test without her attorney present. Deputies soon acquired a search warrant for Schomaker’s blood and transported her to McLaren Bay Region hospital for the draw, the results of which were not contained in court files.

Amber Schomaker on Friday, Sept. 22, appeared in Bay County District Court for arraignment on three counts of assault with a dangerous weapon — a four-year felony — and single counts of domestic violence and second-offense operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. The arraigning judge set her bond at $35,000 cash-surety.

Do you have what it take to satisfy a hotwife?

Do you have what it take to satisfy a hotwife?

What a hotwife is looking for in a bull?

Having met a relatively wide range of hotwives I can pretty much say there are common carectheristic among successful bulls. 

Here is my top x list of must have to ensure you will be successful in meeting but mostly satisfy a hotwife

  • Be confident and energetic – Confidence ia really important not only when it comes to sex. Most hotwives embark this journey because their husbands are not able to make them feel desired and deliver when it comes to satisfy their sexual needs. This often leads beautiful women to lose confidence (link to confident wife) themselves despite how attractive they are or in oder circumstances simply need a confident man that can take them how they have never been before. Showing confidence and making them feel comfortable is extremely important at every stage of the relationship. Confidence is not something everyone has to begin with, I was personally very shy but I did manage to develop it by practicing throughout my meets. Check out my guide on how to become more confident when dating an older woman. 
  • Deliver when it comes to sex – it’s very simple, you need to be able to fuck hard and have plenty stamina. There is no if, here. You role as a bull is primarily based on your ability to pound a hotwife like her husband will never be able to. Doesn’t mean all women are after rough sex (link to guides on hard sex) but still I very much doubt you will ever meet a hotwife who is happy to be fucked 5-10 minutes. Most hotwives are over 30-35 and majority of my dates have been over 40. As I have explained in my post on sex with older women (link) the expectations are higher and your ability to deliver will pretty much determine your success in having regular demand. Just to be extra clear, less than 1 hour without coming and ability to pound heavy are essential. Similar to confidence this is something you can also train with time, I advise you read my post on how to last longer and learn how to fuck hard (link)
  • Size matters, be at least over 6.5-7 inches. Ideally 7.5-8.5″. In many years of experience I yet have to find a hotwife who doesn’t care about size. Some are really obsessed (usually describe themselves as size queens) while some are relatively less strict yet a common fantasy of any hotwife/cuck couple is to go bigger. It’s a great turn on for the husband to see the wife with a bigger guy but also a necessity on her side. The core about hotwife sex is about her getting fucked better by a bigger cock. If you smaller than 6.5″ inches your chances to impress are close to 0 unless you are extremely thick. Yet most wives so far have confirmed 7-7.5″ to be the starting size while over time they are naturally attractes to 8+ inches cocks. I have written a more in-depth post on cock size and why I think it matters, I am not extra large myself and rarely had NOs being 7+” but in case you are very small I doubt this is for you. Differently from most other requirements this can’t be trained, you can only blame mother nature and acknowledge you might become a cuckold husband if you happen to marry a very hot wife. 
  • Understand your role as a bull – this is really important if you want to establish successful long term relationships rather than on off meets. I have written a guide on the difference between the two and my advice to best deal in both situations yet is always essential to understand your role. Couples and hotwives really appreciate if you show respect for both and particularly husbands will be more likely to trust you with their other half if you show respect, good manners and appreciation for the privilege you been give. Check out my guide on managing a long term relationship with a cuckold couple (link).
  • Don’t treat a hotwife as a number, pay attention to every single detail, listen and be prepared to give her all the attentions she needs. Many bulls (myself included) are not exclusive to a single couple, that said I strongly advise to go for quantity rather than quality. I fully appreciate you can be horny and can’t sync with your existing contacts but meeting new people is not always as efficient or rewarding as developing longer relationships. There have been periods where I could not make it work with any regular hotwife while other times and currently enjoy regular meets with 3 wives on top of one off encounters. Important is to make sure you not being too superficial and just treat every single hotwife and couple with great dedication. If you only think this is just about a 2 hours hard fuck you getting it wrong. Into each meet there is usually more preparation than action. So do regular relationships where you have to be prepared to invest time. I am a very busy professional myself, check out my blogpost on how to sync business with pleasure for tips on how balance and get the best out the time you have available. Easy sex can look appealing and personally I could have ton of it these days thanks to recommendations and many messages I received but over time I decided quality is the way to go. Best hotwives deserve best attentions, don’t confuse this for easy sex.
Toy Boys. Absolutely better than a stable relationship

Toy Boys. Absolutely better than a stable relationship

Demi Moore, Tilda Swinton and Sam Taylor-Wood are all fans of the toyboy.

Now a study has showed that women who date, or are married to younger men consider themselves younger at heart than those who spend their time with an older man.

The survey of 1,000 women found that having a toyboy can make a woman feel an average of four years younger than they actually are.

It revealed that women with younger partners have a tendency to enjoy more outdoor activities and mix with people who have more youthful hobbies.

Most said that their partner made them feel four years younger, but one in ten claimed that having a toyboy knocked ten years off their age.

More than half said that their partner’s energy had rubbed off on them and 27 per cent said that they visit pubs and nightclubs more with a younger man.

Three in ten admitted that they make an effort to dress younger, and a sixth said they over-compensate for their age by trying harder to keep the relationship fresh and exciting.

A spokesman for dating site, which carried out the research, said that U.S. television show Cougar Town, which stars Courtney Cox, had sparked a 102 per cent increase in membership.

‘That is the largest increase we’ve seen in the ten years since we launched and it shows women are no longer secretive about their preferences for a younger man,’ he said.

‘An increase in high profile toyboy relationships like Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher has also helped.

‘It’s always been believed having a younger man makes you feel younger and now we have proven this is true.

‘Whether it means going out more, dressing differently or trying new things they wouldn’t normally have done, it does seem having a younger man is the answer.’

The survey also showed that the greater the age gap, the happier a woman is likely to be.


Thirty-six per cent of those polled said that older men are more set in their ways, grumpy (27 per cent) and serious (22 per cent), while one in five believe that they are more boring and likely to be out of shape.

They claimed that younger partners, on the other hand, are more likely to make them laugh, and have a more relaxed attitude to life. But they admitted that older men were more chivalrous and trustworthy.

Of those who were previously in a relationship with an older man, one in six admitted to being on the lookout for someone younger.

But three in ten women said that they would not trust a younger man not to leave them for a girl his own age.

Smart-Bitching. How Girls earns money from Home during Covid-19 Lockdown

Smart-Bitching. How Girls earns money from Home during Covid-19 Lockdown

When Lola-Rose Curtis was forced to quit her job in the cut-throat world of recruitment because of a stress related breakdown she didn’t work for seven months.

Facing an unpaid rent bill the 27-year old, from Windsor, Berkshire, was prepared to try a new career.

She had discovered a friend was working as a ‘cam girl’ and, encouraged by her sister, decided to give it go and hasn’t looked back.

She has now been a cam girl for several months and earns hundreds of pounds each day for a few hours’ work talking online to men about their sexual fantasies and sometimes taking her clothes off or using sex toys.

She said: “I used to have low self-confidence and body insecurities but since taking up camming my self-esteem has rocketed.

“What I used to see as imperfections are loved by my viewers. I believe that women should be entitled to do exactly as they please with their bodies without having to fear criticism.

“My job is a bit like being a therapist and while sexual fantasies are a big part of camming I can spend hours simply discussing their day.”

Lola took time out to answer some of the Mirror’s questions about her life as a camgirl.

What does a cam girl do?

A cam girl will be online and visible to others through a webcam that also has a chat room to communicate via typing or audio.

You will be able to chat in a group session with the cam girl, or you can go to a private room where it will be one-to-one.

You will be charged per minute to chat – talking in private costs more.

I charge £2 a minute to chat to me in a group where men or women can see me fully-dressed (well, something slightly provocative but no nudity) and I charge £3 a minute to talk to me on a one-to-one basis.

The cam girl is there for you to talk to… whether it be about your day at work, your plans at the weekend… or you could talk about your deepest fantasies and then it goes from there.

A cam girl will also have a profile which will tell you all about them, you can gauge what experience you will have from this profile.

Is it just talk or is there a physical element? Do you stay fully clothed?

In private I do take my clothes off, or I may be dressed in a requested outfit… PVC is the most popular and usually requested by someone who likes domination or humiliation.

It’s something I had to get used to as I’m a super nice person. Being mean to someone because they enjoy it is a hard one to crack.

I own several outfits and several toys that I use during private shows. A guy tends to spend an hour on average in private chat and we talk about all the things they would like to do.

Public sex is the most common, getting up to no good in bars etc.

I usually listen to them and then, to put it crudely, act out what they are telling me to do to myself.

Are there any extreme behaviours you have witnessed?

I have chatted to men who think it’s okay to be extremely demanding, rude and, perhaps some would say, aggressive in the chat.

I politely tell them that I will not tolerate it and I kick them out so they cannot return to the cam.

They will often email through the website begging to be allowed back into the chat.

I think they believe we NEED their business… there are plenty of respectable guys and girls looking to cam. Us cam girls can be very choosy and you have to be strong in this job, you do not have to do anything you feel uncomfortable with. You are your own boss.

What is your average day?

My average day will consist of me logging on for 9-10am. I will update my profile, keeping it relevant, and I will make sure it’s visible on the front page of the website.

I am a performer, it’s my job to provide a sensual virtual experience to who I’m talking to. I want the person to connect with me and feel as if they are in the room.

I will spend the day logged on answering calls from various people with various desires.

I usually clock off when I’ve hit my goal (between £700-£1000) around 4pm when I resume my usual day.

I like to keep my alter ego separate from real life.

She’s feisty, sexy and seductive whereas I’m bubbly, laid back and enjoy slobbing on the sofa watching box sets.

How did you get into being a cam girl?

I was first introduced to webcam when me and a friend stumbled across an older friend’s social media which showed she was openly caming. I never dreamt that I would have the guts to start it myself.

However after a work-related breakdown and being diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression, which meant leaving my job, I thought: ‘what’s a girl to lose’.

I hadn’t worked in seven months and my rent was due. I came across On The Record models on Instagram and within 24 hours my profile was live.

What did you do before?

I have worked in healthcare for 10 years and my last role was a Recruitment Co-Ordinator

How much do you earn?

On my first day I made £1,700 and on a good day I can make £700 in around 4 hours… I aim to make around £150k in a year.

Do you only work late at night?

No, actually I have recently slipped into working 9-5. Perhaps it’s embedded in me from my years of working in an office!

If I make plans in the day, I will come home and work at night. However, early mornings are usually very busy.

Most of the guys I speak to work from home, or are uni students or are on different time zones.. I’ve been invited all over the world.

I have a few regulars who cam with me from their office while they are ‘working’.

What do friends and family think of your job?

My friends find what I do refreshing. They will ask me about my day at work with genuine interest.

My family completely support me, it was in fact my sister who encouraged me to start camming as she thought I’d be great at it.

How does it affect your relationships?

I am single at the moment. However, the last guy I was seeing did know about camming.

He said that he was fine with it but we broke up shortly after I told him.

I do believe he had an issue with it. We had a fun relationship before he knew.

I would send him racy pictures and he would love it.

After he found out, he would brush them off as if to say… it’s not all for me.

What has the money allowed you to do?

The earning power is unlimited.

I spent Christmas at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York and am able to holiday when I like. I’m going to Amsterdam next month and for some winter sun.

I have now paid my rent up front for the next year as well as saving for a mortgage for my own place.

I do enjoy trips to London to stock up on designer clothes too.

How do you keep yourself in shape and looking good?

I’m successful on cam thanks to my curves. I used to feel conscious that I wasn’t a size 8. I’ve been dieting all my life… now I make money from being a size 12-14 and men go weak for my curves.

It’s allowed me to accept myself but I eat well and I walk everywhere.

What kinds of fans do you have and what kind of things do you get asked?

I talk to so many different kinds of people.

I speak to a famous Rugby player regularly, business men, extremely attractive young men and older women who are into domination.

The most common thing I have been asked is if I will go on a date with the person I am talking to.

I keep it strictly work.

I’ve had two men tell me they love me – interestingly both were married.

Do you have any “red lines” when it comes to private chat? Have you had to end calls or break off?

There are standard red tape rules – no talk of under age sex, rape or animals.

I have one guy say he enjoyed role play and asked me to be ‘younger’ but didn’t state how young.

I didn’t get a good vibe from his so I cut the chat. Looking at it now I should have asked more.

If he is in his 50s then being younger could be 20 plus. I’ve had a chat in role play who was very aggressive to women and wanted to talk about the violent acts he would do to me. Again, I stopped the chat.

Are you ever recognised? Do you have to be careful about personal details you give out?

I’ve been recognised once! A guy who worked behind a bar in a restaurant in Surrey was trying to work out where he knew me from. He went bright red and we both realised but did say anything else about it.

What has it taught you about men?

I believe that the men I speak to come to me because they either long for intimacy or they desire a more personal sexual experience than from, say, porn.

I do speak to a lot of married men and I respect that they are not cheating on their wives.

I do also speak to a lot of married men who are persistent in trying to meet me, a regular of mine has actually mentioned “love” and leaving his wife, we speak around five hours and he’s developed feelings.

This does put me off being in a relationship. I think we all have desires that we need to meet, I’m all for it as long as no one is hurt in the process.

Has it led to other opportunities?

I’ve been invited to very exclusive places through camming and I have been asked to model away from cam.

There was a chap on cam who was 78 years old, he emailed me to ask if he could pay me £3,000 a week if I would join him for dinner twice a week at his stately home.

I did decline, I keep it strictly cam.

Are you friends with other cam girls/boys?

I am indeed. Off the Record has an amazing group of women and men. We all chat in our WhatsApp group.

One of the girls and I are planning a cheeky week in the sun this October.

Where is the industry going next?

Snapchat and Instagram (fans only tab) are super popular.

I use Twitter to promote myself. Most girls use premium snap where you charge a monthly fee that people can be signed up to.. you then upload pics as you like.

How long do you plan on doing this for?

I couldn’t see myself doing anything else. Once you start, it becomes very addictive. Not just the money, but the confidence you gain from camming rockets continually.