Do you have what it take to satisfy a hotwife?

Do you have what it take to satisfy a hotwife?

What a hotwife is looking for in a bull?

Having met a relatively wide range of hotwives I can pretty much say there are common carectheristic among successful bulls. 

Here is my top x list of must have to ensure you will be successful in meeting but mostly satisfy a hotwife

  • Be confident and energetic – Confidence ia really important not only when it comes to sex. Most hotwives embark this journey because their husbands are not able to make them feel desired and deliver when it comes to satisfy their sexual needs. This often leads beautiful women to lose confidence (link to confident wife) themselves despite how attractive they are or in oder circumstances simply need a confident man that can take them how they have never been before. Showing confidence and making them feel comfortable is extremely important at every stage of the relationship. Confidence is not something everyone has to begin with, I was personally very shy but I did manage to develop it by practicing throughout my meets. Check out my guide on how to become more confident when dating an older woman. 
  • Deliver when it comes to sex – it’s very simple, you need to be able to fuck hard and have plenty stamina. There is no if, here. You role as a bull is primarily based on your ability to pound a hotwife like her husband will never be able to. Doesn’t mean all women are after rough sex (link to guides on hard sex) but still I very much doubt you will ever meet a hotwife who is happy to be fucked 5-10 minutes. Most hotwives are over 30-35 and majority of my dates have been over 40. As I have explained in my post on sex with older women (link) the expectations are higher and your ability to deliver will pretty much determine your success in having regular demand. Just to be extra clear, less than 1 hour without coming and ability to pound heavy are essential. Similar to confidence this is something you can also train with time, I advise you read my post on how to last longer and learn how to fuck hard (link)
  • Size matters, be at least over 6.5-7 inches. Ideally 7.5-8.5″. In many years of experience I yet have to find a hotwife who doesn’t care about size. Some are really obsessed (usually describe themselves as size queens) while some are relatively less strict yet a common fantasy of any hotwife/cuck couple is to go bigger. It’s a great turn on for the husband to see the wife with a bigger guy but also a necessity on her side. The core about hotwife sex is about her getting fucked better by a bigger cock. If you smaller than 6.5″ inches your chances to impress are close to 0 unless you are extremely thick. Yet most wives so far have confirmed 7-7.5″ to be the starting size while over time they are naturally attractes to 8+ inches cocks. I have written a more in-depth post on cock size and why I think it matters, I am not extra large myself and rarely had NOs being 7+” but in case you are very small I doubt this is for you. Differently from most other requirements this can’t be trained, you can only blame mother nature and acknowledge you might become a cuckold husband if you happen to marry a very hot wife. 
  • Understand your role as a bull – this is really important if you want to establish successful long term relationships rather than on off meets. I have written a guide on the difference between the two and my advice to best deal in both situations yet is always essential to understand your role. Couples and hotwives really appreciate if you show respect for both and particularly husbands will be more likely to trust you with their other half if you show respect, good manners and appreciation for the privilege you been give. Check out my guide on managing a long term relationship with a cuckold couple (link).
  • Don’t treat a hotwife as a number, pay attention to every single detail, listen and be prepared to give her all the attentions she needs. Many bulls (myself included) are not exclusive to a single couple, that said I strongly advise to go for quantity rather than quality. I fully appreciate you can be horny and can’t sync with your existing contacts but meeting new people is not always as efficient or rewarding as developing longer relationships. There have been periods where I could not make it work with any regular hotwife while other times and currently enjoy regular meets with 3 wives on top of one off encounters. Important is to make sure you not being too superficial and just treat every single hotwife and couple with great dedication. If you only think this is just about a 2 hours hard fuck you getting it wrong. Into each meet there is usually more preparation than action. So do regular relationships where you have to be prepared to invest time. I am a very busy professional myself, check out my blogpost on how to sync business with pleasure for tips on how balance and get the best out the time you have available. Easy sex can look appealing and personally I could have ton of it these days thanks to recommendations and many messages I received but over time I decided quality is the way to go. Best hotwives deserve best attentions, don’t confuse this for easy sex.
How to become a swinger couple

How to become a swinger couple

Who are the Swingers? Why swapping the wife or the husband with someone else just for sex? It is dangerous for the relationship and it is only for couple that doesnt love anymore and wants just to have fun staying still toghether?

All these questions are not easy to answer and we must start from a mutual point.

“Sex and Love are two different things”

Monogamy is often the default option for many couples when it comes to intimacy. But not all couples go into relationships “closed,” nor do all relationships stay on a path of mutual, purposeful monogamy. Many couples have “open” arrangements and understandings, and some even look to strengthen and spice up their sex lives through actively adding partners to their twosomes, which is otherwise known as “swinging.”

But embarking on a swinger’s lifestyle isn’t as simple as sifting through Craigslist. There are boundaries, guidelines, and overall expectations couples should strongly consider before totally throwing out the comfort of tradition.

What is swinging?

Swinging is where a couple seeks out another couple or single person (or two) to enter into sexual relations or swap partners. This could happen via an ad or a designated party or a meet-up—or like any other sexual encounter, casually and randomly.

“I think what’s happening now is that it’s 2017 and people are coming to the understanding that we are going to live until we are basically 80 years old and what are we going to do with each other?” said Cristine Milrod, a sex therapist and researcher in Los Angeles.

Swingers give permission to their partners to have sex or “play” with other people, sometimes joining in or just watching from the sidelines. Couples who embark on this lifestyle often have rules that set a level of trust, like being with others, together, sexually, but being only with each other emotionally.

How to get started in swinging

 Talk with your partner

Having a discussion with your partner about swinging is the first step to finding out if the choice is right for the both of you. It’s important that you both are on the same page, and that you aren’t rushing into it without understanding your own personal boundaries regarding intimacy first.

One way to test the waters is to watch porn together and study each other’s reactions. Find our what you like, what’s boring, what’s a turn off. Are you jealous of what he likes or finds attractive? Are you turned on by being turned on by the same things? This is a starting point for conversation.

Do your research

“Swinging can mean different things to different people,” says Milrod. “And I think that’s really important to acknowledge, so do your research before jumping into anything.”

This research could mean visiting swinging forums or engaging in conversations with other swingers first to get an idea of expectations and possible issues. Often, people mistake swinging to be the same as polyamory, where a single party practices emotional and sexual relations with multiple people other than their significant other. Swinging is a joint effort, where the couple goes into swinging together, whether simply for pleasure or to improve their relationship.

To some, knowing that both parties are going into it as a pair, as equals, makes swinging seem more appealing and approachable.

Set some rules

“Know your boundaries, negotiate your boundaries beforehand, and also know that boundaries can be renegotiated depending on feelings,” Milrod says.

Rules are important to feel safe in any new and strange environment, and if respected, rules can also strengthen trust between couples. The boundaries you make with your partner can always be shifted based on comfort levels. Ultimately, it comes down to what you two, as a couple, want out of swinging—and if the reality of swinging is giving you what you want.

oin a club or party

The ways couples find partners varies depending on their preferences.

Attending a hosted party or a swingers club is a more personal and natural way of jumping into the swingers community. Exclusive parties are most likely hosted in your area and can be found on dating websites (register to our web site.. it’s free! Click Here )

Many of these parties are private, and phones with cameras or video are not allowed inside due to obvious privacy issues. People are able to join or become members of these parties or societies like Killing Kittens or the Society of Janus, the latter of which focuses on BDSM.

Also, don’t feel like you have to give into the pressure to interact the first time you attend a party. Just go and observe to see if the group is right for your relationship.

Find a website

There are many different websites, mainly with free subscription but you have to pay later to read messages or attend events. What we would you to suggest is to start with (free always) that is suitable for everycouple in every place in the world. Register Here !!

What to expect when swinging

The notion that swinging is a chance to have sex with attractive people other than your original partner is not accurate. Do yourself a favor and ditch the idea that swinging is like Fifty Shades of Grey with high-profile, magical soirees in a mansion filled with extremely sexy people. The parties and elite clubs will most likely be filled with regular folk like your next-door neighbor.

Since swinging is often about exploring the physical side of intimacy with your partner and others, not engaging in emotional attractions, be aware that if unwanted feelings start to occur, then swinging may not be for you.

“Some people could fall in love,” said Milrod. “And if you are they type of person that really is more adept to a monogamous relationship based on your own level of comfort, feelings, and cultural background, there are ways this can both really enhance your relationship or really damage it like a torpedo. You’ve got to have rules in place.”

Swinging isn’t just a big orgy, either. At society parties or clubs, couples interact with one another based on what they are comfortable with. In one room, everyone could be observing a couple having intimate sex together, and in other private rooms, a couple could select a single woman to interact within their boundaries.

“Some couples we run into are heavily against kissing or engaging in only one partner,” said Smith. “To each his own, and in this world, it’s important to treat others with respect if you too wish to receive respect.”

The boundaries established before entering a party or meet-up will help aid the natural feelings of possessiveness and jealousy some might experience, and according to Milrod, could ultimately improve a couple’s sex life and take their relationship to another undiscovered level.

The swinging lifestyle isn’t for everyone and certainly hasn’t broken through most barriers of social acceptance, but having confidence in your relationship and trust with your partner is important to expanding your sexual repertoire.