Do you have what it take to satisfy a hotwife?

Do you have what it take to satisfy a hotwife?

What a hotwife is looking for in a bull?

Having met a relatively wide range of hotwives I can pretty much say there are common carectheristic among successful bulls. 

Here is my top x list of must have to ensure you will be successful in meeting but mostly satisfy a hotwife

  • Be confident and energetic – Confidence ia really important not only when it comes to sex. Most hotwives embark this journey because their husbands are not able to make them feel desired and deliver when it comes to satisfy their sexual needs. This often leads beautiful women to lose confidence (link to confident wife) themselves despite how attractive they are or in oder circumstances simply need a confident man that can take them how they have never been before. Showing confidence and making them feel comfortable is extremely important at every stage of the relationship. Confidence is not something everyone has to begin with, I was personally very shy but I did manage to develop it by practicing throughout my meets. Check out my guide on how to become more confident when dating an older woman. 
  • Deliver when it comes to sex – it’s very simple, you need to be able to fuck hard and have plenty stamina. There is no if, here. You role as a bull is primarily based on your ability to pound a hotwife like her husband will never be able to. Doesn’t mean all women are after rough sex (link to guides on hard sex) but still I very much doubt you will ever meet a hotwife who is happy to be fucked 5-10 minutes. Most hotwives are over 30-35 and majority of my dates have been over 40. As I have explained in my post on sex with older women (link) the expectations are higher and your ability to deliver will pretty much determine your success in having regular demand. Just to be extra clear, less than 1 hour without coming and ability to pound heavy are essential. Similar to confidence this is something you can also train with time, I advise you read my post on how to last longer and learn how to fuck hard (link)
  • Size matters, be at least over 6.5-7 inches. Ideally 7.5-8.5″. In many years of experience I yet have to find a hotwife who doesn’t care about size. Some are really obsessed (usually describe themselves as size queens) while some are relatively less strict yet a common fantasy of any hotwife/cuck couple is to go bigger. It’s a great turn on for the husband to see the wife with a bigger guy but also a necessity on her side. The core about hotwife sex is about her getting fucked better by a bigger cock. If you smaller than 6.5″ inches your chances to impress are close to 0 unless you are extremely thick. Yet most wives so far have confirmed 7-7.5″ to be the starting size while over time they are naturally attractes to 8+ inches cocks. I have written a more in-depth post on cock size and why I think it matters, I am not extra large myself and rarely had NOs being 7+” but in case you are very small I doubt this is for you. Differently from most other requirements this can’t be trained, you can only blame mother nature and acknowledge you might become a cuckold husband if you happen to marry a very hot wife. 
  • Understand your role as a bull – this is really important if you want to establish successful long term relationships rather than on off meets. I have written a guide on the difference between the two and my advice to best deal in both situations yet is always essential to understand your role. Couples and hotwives really appreciate if you show respect for both and particularly husbands will be more likely to trust you with their other half if you show respect, good manners and appreciation for the privilege you been give. Check out my guide on managing a long term relationship with a cuckold couple (link).
  • Don’t treat a hotwife as a number, pay attention to every single detail, listen and be prepared to give her all the attentions she needs. Many bulls (myself included) are not exclusive to a single couple, that said I strongly advise to go for quantity rather than quality. I fully appreciate you can be horny and can’t sync with your existing contacts but meeting new people is not always as efficient or rewarding as developing longer relationships. There have been periods where I could not make it work with any regular hotwife while other times and currently enjoy regular meets with 3 wives on top of one off encounters. Important is to make sure you not being too superficial and just treat every single hotwife and couple with great dedication. If you only think this is just about a 2 hours hard fuck you getting it wrong. Into each meet there is usually more preparation than action. So do regular relationships where you have to be prepared to invest time. I am a very busy professional myself, check out my blogpost on how to sync business with pleasure for tips on how balance and get the best out the time you have available. Easy sex can look appealing and personally I could have ton of it these days thanks to recommendations and many messages I received but over time I decided quality is the way to go. Best hotwives deserve best attentions, don’t confuse this for easy sex.
What You Need To Know About a Cuckold Relationship

What You Need To Know About a Cuckold Relationship

Learn what you need to know about a cuckold relationship to make it work! This short article gathers all that you have to know while cuckolding your better half. What is a cuckold? By and large use, and the utilization we will utilize in this article, a cuckold alludes to a wedded man whose spouse takes part in sexual issues with other men. The rest of this article will let you know, the lady, how to change the progression of your traditional relationship to make an active “cuckolding relationship”: a relationship in which you have illicit relationships with other men and both yourself and your better half are content with the game plan.

Does He Want To Be Cuckolded?

A few men fantasize about this sort of relationship. In any case, if your better half is NOT one of these men, you have no expectation at all of altering his opinion. While not an abnormal dream, it is not for everybody. What’s more, most men would be stunned at their spouses having illegal sexual illicit relationships. So we will continue as though your significant other DOES need to be a cuckold.

New Relationship Rules

Your significant other will want to submit himself to you. You are currently his “predominant.” He will take after your tenets and appreciate doing as such. What you have to do is give him another arrangement of life-affirming principles. These new guidelines depend totally on YOU. The guidelines, be that as it may, ought to be improved to make your life. If you detest cleaning, have your significant other do it. Possibly doing the pressing is your concept of a bad dream. Begin with a couple of controls then continuously expand on them. The one decides that is basic in ALL types of cuckoldry is keeping the spouse from sexual discharge.

Disciplines And Rewards

While cuckolding your better half, it is basic that you utilize an arrangement of disciplines and rewards. This is much similar to you would utilize when preparing a pooch. Prizes ought to be given for good conduct and as a rule, have a sexual component. It is imperative to recognize what sexually stirs your better half. Does he like feet, for example? As a reward, let him adore your feet. It will feel odd rebuffing your better half, yet it is gigantically critical. You should tell him that you are currently the manager.

Sweethearts: The Final Step To Cuckolding Your Husband

Obviously, by definition, to make your significant other a cuckold you need a sexual relationship with another man (or men). These are ordinarily alluded to as “bulls.” This will be the last stride. If you and your better half are as yet glad in your new relationship, then you have effectively cuckolded your life partner.

Becoming a swinger: one swinger’s story

Becoming a swinger: one swinger’s story

My husband and I used to play a game of naming movie stars we would like to sleep with. Eventually, that game transformed to discussing people we know who we’d like to sleep with. Although we didn’t start giving each other permission to actually have sex with these people, the idea was planted.

I didn’t start my marriage as a swinger. I was married for more than a decade before we first couple swapped.

The next couple of years were spent with things I’d call testers. At parties we played the game, “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” From there we started experiencing sex with someone watching. All these things may seem tame to most, but to us it was the beginning of a lifestyle we didn’t know we wanted.

We became members of a webcam site called anywebcam. The site allowed us to be voyeurs, which in turn led to us having sex on the webcam. We spent time chatting with other couples and eventually decided to meet a group of people from the website. We took a trip to Tennessee to attend a party with this group, who were friends that regularly got together and played.

For this group, playtime consisted of girl-on-girl while the men watched. One couple secretly told us they were a full swap couple, but that type of play didn’t normally occur with this group.

Enter Soccer Mom; blonde, skinny, and tan; arriving with no preconceived notions. I seemed to transform the group, at least for one evening.

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The parties theme was toga. So while my husband was off with a few of the boys buying more alcohol, I was standing in a thong having people dress me in a toga. This was the beginning of loosening up the rules for everyone. The evening moved along with some kissing and a little touching. Before I knew it I was getting quite a bit of attention. Picture this: me on the couch with a man kissing my lips, kissing each of my breasts, and a female between my legs. Each would alternate positions. The guys and girls would gesture for an ok from my husband before they joined the fun. A female saw that my husband was standing alone so she offered to take care of him.

Later that night we experienced our first swap with another couple. We went back to our hotel room with the other couple. Each of us started having sex with our own spouses. Not long after the guys looked at each other for a permissive nod, then we traded. This was a thrilling experience for both of us. From that night on we knew this was something we wanted to experience again and again.