Swingers party goes bad when ‘jealous’ wife attacks husband with minivan

Swingers party goes bad when ‘jealous’ wife attacks husband with minivan

BAY CITY, MI — A swingers party gone awry has led to a woman facing three felonies.

Bay County Sheriff’s deputies at about 10:30 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 21, responded to an assault complaint in the 100 block of Walter Court, within Bangor Township’s Bangor Downs housing community. The caller told dispatchers a woman was trying to run people over with a motor vehicle.

Deputies arrived to see a red or maroon Dodge Caravan in front of a residence and 28-year-old Amber K. Schomaker trying to enter the home with a screwdriver in her hand. Also outside was her 33-year-old husband, who was bleeding from a wound to his forehead, court records show.

The 26-year-old female resident who called 911 told deputies she and her 31-year-old fiance had the Schomakers over for a swingers party. According to police, Amber Schomaker was downstairs with the female resident’s fiance and her husband was upstairs with the female resident.

When the pair upstairs came down, Amber Schomaker slapped her husband and went outside. The other three people followed her, only to see her get in her minivan and drive toward them. The minivan went over the curb, onto the sidewalk, and toward the porch where her husband and their hosts were standing, the woman told police.

Both men had to jump out of the way to avoid being hit, the woman told deputies.

Amber Schomaker drove away, but came back a few minutes later and resumed a physical altercation with her husband.

The male resident and Amber Schomaker’s husband gave similar accounts as to what had transpired. The husband said his wife attacked him because she was jealous.

The husband had a deep cut to his forehead, bloody scratch marks on his right shoulder, a bite mark on his left shoulder, and was bleeding from his mouth, court records show. Amber Schomaker had a scratch down the middle of her back and a swollen right cheek.

Amber Schomaker, who appeared to be intoxicated, told police she had the screwdriver to start the minivan. She said she had consumed up to a half-fifth of vodka within the previous two hours.

Deputies at 11:05 p.m. administered a preliminary Breathalyzer test to Amber Schomaker, the results of which indicated her blood alcohol level was 0.156. In Michigan, a person is legally intoxicated when his or her blood alcohol level hits 0.08.

Deputies arrested both Schomakers. The husband was arrested for violating a personal protection order listing his wife as the protected party.

While en route to the Bay County Jail, Amber Schomaker threatened to sue the deputies for false arrest. She also added she hoped one deputy’s wife was cheating on him.

“While in intake, Amber continued to be rude and agitated toward jail staff by kicking the doors, yelling, and taking her clothes off,” a deputy wrote in his report.

Once in the jail, Schomaker would not submit to another breath test without her attorney present. Deputies soon acquired a search warrant for Schomaker’s blood and transported her to McLaren Bay Region hospital for the draw, the results of which were not contained in court files.

Amber Schomaker on Friday, Sept. 22, appeared in Bay County District Court for arraignment on three counts of assault with a dangerous weapon — a four-year felony — and single counts of domestic violence and second-offense operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. The arraigning judge set her bond at $35,000 cash-surety.

Glasgow swingers club CJ’s promises to continue parties despite COVID-19 fears

Glasgow swingers club CJ’s promises to continue parties despite COVID-19 fears

A Glasgow adult nightclub has vowed to continue its sex parties despite fears of the coronavirus.

CJ’s in Glasgow has limited its capacity to less than 100 revellers each night in an effort to combat the spread of the virus, which has so far infected 31 people in Glasgow.

The club promises ‘a fun enjoyable night out in safe and comfortable surroundings with a relaxed atmosphere’.

They say events scheduled this weekend and throughout next week will go ahead.


And bosses have reassured regulars that measures have been put in place to reduce any potential risks, including placing hand sanitizer dispensers at different locations within the venue.

A statement on a sex site from the club’s owners reads: “CJs parties will still be going ahead and extra measures have been put in place to reduce any risks.

“Hand sanitiser dispensers have been placed on the wall at the entrance outside the cloakroom, at the top of the stairs before you enter playrooms and in the kitchen area.

“We are asking guests to please make use of these along with washing your hands before and after play.

“We will be restricting parties to less than 100 guests until further notice. Swing safe as always.”

Thailand: Nurse forced to quit her job because being too sexy

Thailand: Nurse forced to quit her job because being too sexy

A nurse was forced to resign after ‘bringing shame to her profession by wearing an ‘overly sexy uniform’ at work.

Parichat ‘Pang’ Chatsri, 26, was made to quit after a photo of her at a private hospital in Isan, Thailand, went viral on social media.

She was pictured in a tight-fitting lilac uniform with a short skirt that looked purpose-built to show off her slim figure.

The uniform was far from outrageous by western standards, but it was regarded as provocative in Thailand.

Critics accused Ms Chatsri of dressing inappropriately and disrespecting the nursing profession.

The photograph went viral after it was shared on the social media page of a group called the Thai Nurse Lovers Association.

Ms Chatsri has now issued a public apology.

‘I explained to the board at the hospital but they have high regards for the hospital’s image,’ she explained.

‘I understood them, and I didn’t want it to be a big deal. So I took responsibility by resigning.

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‘I’d like to apologise to the Thailand Nursing and Midwifery Council and the hospital. I don’t want the public to judge all nurses based on my image.’

By resigning, Ms Chatsri said she felt it was her responsibility to protect the reputation of both the hospital and the profession.

She added: ‘I do not want trouble. It happened and I was responsible. I need to improve myself.’

“If you follow the rules” a Swinging Relationship could be extremly for you

“If you follow the rules” a Swinging Relationship could be extremly for you

I hope everyone is on track to crushing your goals for this year! When I first heard the term “swingers,” it was on a talk show and I thought it was a crazy concept, like you might as you are reading this. However, before bashing swingers, listen to how it could benefit some of you.

Swingers are couples or singles who choose to have an open relationship, allowing their partners to have sex with other people, with their permission, of course. I began to learn why this type of relationship can work for anyone willing to follow the rules, respect one another, be honest, get tested for STDs, use protection, and be very selective in choosing partners and remaining private about such a new way of what some couples swear by, a healthy relationship


In the swinging world, couples make their own rules around what they need within relationships and marriages and vow to abide by the boundaries set forth. Couples or singles who select this type of lifestyle seek one or many partners for the pure excitement of getting from one partner what they don’t receive from their “main partner”, the number one significant other in their life.

For instance, one partner might enjoy the way someone else can satisfy them that their long term partner cannot do for them. When two people are very secure with themselves and a lot of trust is established then both feel comfortable allowing the other to have different mates.

They can be of the same sex or different depending upon their mood for the day/night. Some couples choose to play with other couples and keep it with just them or they may branch off and find a couple mates to play with when they are feeling frisky or their husband/wife might be tired, a woman may have just had a baby and cannot have sex for at least six weeks, their partner might travel and leave their significant other feeling like they need someone to fulfill their sexual desires while they are recovering.

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Each couple chooses together what their life will look like within their relationship and plan and play accordingly. The benefits are they often times create lasing friendships with others of the opposite sex while enjoying sexual pleasures from them as well.

Things never get stale and it usually spices up the bedroom when both mates are personally with each other. Some couples enjoy watching other couples and learn to role play and seek sexual excitement from the scenerios they create with others and follow through on.

To each his own and many people find their egos get a boost, self esteem is significantly increased as well as their moods, relationships might last longer if couples feel less pressure in the bedroom, no one has any financial obligations, and for some who cannot remain faithful find ways like this to still be married and have a family but are able to see others on the side to fulfill sexual pleasures outside of a loving relationship where both people agree this is what is best for them.

I believe it is best for couples to be discreet when choosing to be a swinger and that children are never involved. If family finds out their loved ones are involved in such a different wild lifestyle it could create a lot of turmoil. I would definitely error on the side of being cautious, but if you are curious then by all means openly discuss with your partner or if you are single then why not give it a try? You might just find you like it a lot more than you thought you would.

I understand this type of bizarre lifestyle does not work for everyone, however, the ones it does work for absolutely live by it and love it. If all of the rules and boundaries are followed and everyone is happy, there really isn’t any harm in living together this way!

The Naked Cleaning Company

The Naked Cleaning Company

Most people, to give the cleaner room to work, prefer scheduling their maids to arrive while they’re away from the house. However, according to the The Naked Cleaning Company’s website, you may want to stick around when they show up.

“The Naked Cleaning Company is a domestic cleaning service provider with body-positive beliefs. We are a professional company with a team of driven and sophisticated individuals, offering high quality, professional service. Our company ethos is to have the best possible discreet service available for busy professionals throughout the UK.”

“We offer various cleaning services from lingerie, topless to fully naked cleaners. There is a cleaner for everyone and we operate seven days a week.”

In an recent interview with the MercuryPressNikki Belton (the founder of NCC) went into detail about her new company:

“I’ve had a normal cleaning business for five years and charge £16.50 per hour for that, so I think the naked cleaning will be a lot more profitable. So far we’ve had thousands of people contacting us who are interested – but some people don’t actually think it’s real because it’s so unheard of.”

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“Our cleaners will carry out tasks such as vacuuming, dusting and wiping surfaces, but with a twist. The service costs £75 per hour for topless and lingerie, and £95 per hour for fully naked cleaning.”

“Others say that they wouldn’t expect someone to actually run with the idea, but I don’t really care what people think.”

“At the end of the day, we’re a business and there’s nothing sexual about it – it’s more of an individual mindset where people can appreciate the male and female body while respecting the nature of our company. Our cleaners aren’t sex objects, they’re there to do a job.

I’d like to encourage our employees to build their confidence and be proud of their bodies by working with us.”

“In the future, we want to branch out internationally and maybe even employ some naked butlers too.”