Melbourne: Police shoot couple in ‘compromising position’

Melbourne: Police shoot couple in ‘compromising position’

Police shot a couple said to be in a compromising position at a nightclub where an erotic fancy-dress party was held.

The man, 35, suffered gunshot wounds to his chest and the woman was struck in the leg about 3am on Saturday.

The club was hosting a “Saints and Sinners Ball” with “no holds barred extravaganza of adult fun”, as described by its website.

9News of Australia reported the owner of the nightclub as saying the man shot by police was “not holding a gun” when officers targeted him and another woman.

Inflation owner Martha Tsamis said the victim was not holding anything in his hand but instead was in a “compromising position” with the woman, the report said.

“Venue staff have stated that the male victim was not holding anything in his hand but rather he was in a compromising position with his female partner, which is a normal activity with the nature of this event,” Tsamis was quoted as saying.

Security verified that a plastic toy accessory was displayed to, and passed by security and this information was given to police on arrival.

The man was dressed as Batman character the Joker. He allegedly drew a handgun from his pants and pointed it at approaching officers and would not drop it when asked.

Supt Philip Green from Victoria Police said: “The Inflation incident will be, or is, and will remain subject to a full formal investigation and report and that will take its course and I have no further comment on that.”

The Swinger couple who run a sex club after….

The Swinger couple who run a sex club after….

A couple who are spicing up their sex life by opening their bedroom door to strangers have revealed how their swinging lifestyle brings them closer.

Lawrence, 31, and Jess, 25, started engaging in sex with other couples around five years ago.

And since then, the sexually curious couple have been hosting their events after launching their own swingers club called Our Secret Spot hidden in Sydney.

The club connects like-minded couples and single women so they can explore their wildest fantasies, such as BDSM, fetish, orgies, threesomes or foursomes.

 Here, the adventurous pair share a glimpse into their lives – and how swinging has strengthened their five-year relationship.

‘What swinging can bring to a relationship is it can bring a lot of fun, first and foremost for a lot of people,’ Lawrence told The Morning Show.

‘But later down the track if you continue on, the lifestyle Jess and I found could bring a lot of communication and trust.

‘Honest communication helps you in all other facades of the relationships so you don’t have anything to hide from your partner and you could just talk really frankly with each other.’

The pair met five years ago working at their ‘everyday job’ when they soon discovered they shared a fondness for swinging.

‘He took me on a date, told me all about what he was into and straight from the get-go, we sort of started together,’ Jess said.

Explaining how their relationship works, the pair insisted they were not in an open relationship but they explore their sex life by mingling with other people together.

‘We play with other people,’ Jess said.

Jess said she came clean about her double life to her family about two years into their relationship.

‘I explained that me and my partner were getting into the swinging and we’ve opened up this club together as well,’ she said.

‘They definitely got a little bit confused, concerned, I mean I’m their baby daughter, so of course, it’s your child, you want to look after them.

‘But once I explained exactly what it is, and how comfortable I’m in this lifestyle, how I can express all my feelings and emotions, they kind of warmed up to it.’

As their relationship remains stronger than ever, the pair insisted they have not cast any concerns on whether one of them might meet someone else.

‘That’s something you’re going to have to risk, that sounds terrible but I mean, I love this man to death so I don’t feel like he’s going to run away,’ Jess said.

‘But if that happens, you just have to learn how to communicate your way through it. So there are going to be hiccups and there’s going to be things that you’re not going to like and what’s happening.

‘As long as the communication level between the two of you is very strong and you’re more than happy to talk about it, I think you’ll be fine.’

The swingers club, which opens every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, only accepts couples and single women – no single men are allowed.

There are rules in place, including no photography, no prostitution, no drugs – and couples must stay together at all times.


‘The most important rule is consent,’ Lawrence said.

‘Our club and any other club around the world is consent is key because you can’t walk around and touch people, it’s completely not like that.

‘Most people come to the club think it is going to be like that [but] it’s far more respectful than a normal nightclub where guys are just groping girls because they can.

Entrance costs between $100 to $200 a night for couples who are not members and $20- $50 for single women. The entry fee includes condoms, lubricant, towels, a locker and refreshments.