How to Set Up a Threesome FFM or MMF

How to Set Up a Threesome FFM or MMF

he sexually free are always a part of every community or society and swingers can be classified in that category. Swingers are just individuals like you and me; they can be the neighbor next door, colleagues at work, the pizza man, the couple that runs that store in your neighborhood and just about anyone.

Before the internet became an integral part of life, swingers were strictly a secret society of like-minded people who met through dating and adult magazines. Because of the limited mediums through which they met, it was difficult to tell the population of swingers back then, but with the popularity of internet use all that changed. Now it’s possible to meet swingers from any part of the world and arrange a meeting. The swinging community has risen tremendously thanks to the convenience of the internet. There are many swinger sites that have made this possible, one such site is

Setting up a Threesome

Have you ever dreamed of having a threesome? It’s possible to find a third for your MMF or FFM threesome using All you need to do is create a FREE account with the site to start finding your third. Complete a simple form that gives other swingers an idea of who you are and what you’re looking for to find the perfect match for you and your partner. Whether you’re looking for a single female or a single male to play with, I’m sure you can find him/her on

Meet the Swingers

Once your account has been created, you become an online member of the swing lifestyle and can now log in to meet with other swingers. You can view profile information, pictures, IM or video chat with other swingers online. There is also a swinger’s chat room where you can freely interact with other swingers and join the many swinger groups available.

As you interact with other swingers, you will find out who is interested in participating and fulfilling your dream of a threesome FFM or MMF. You will no doubt meet many interested parties who will gladly give you a date. You can select the persons that perfectly meet your requirements and set up a “Hot Date” to meet and get to know each other. It is that easy. You can meet interested parties located within your area or far away if you want as much privacy as possible.

Have fun

After setting up your “Hot Date”, then relax and get ready to have some fun. Remember the swinger lifestyle is supposed to be fun. Never do anything to anyone that you wouldn’t love done to you without their consent. Please remember “No always means No”.

Glasgow swingers club CJ’s promises to continue parties despite COVID-19 fears

Glasgow swingers club CJ’s promises to continue parties despite COVID-19 fears

A Glasgow adult nightclub has vowed to continue its sex parties despite fears of the coronavirus.

CJ’s in Glasgow has limited its capacity to less than 100 revellers each night in an effort to combat the spread of the virus, which has so far infected 31 people in Glasgow.

The club promises ‘a fun enjoyable night out in safe and comfortable surroundings with a relaxed atmosphere’.

They say events scheduled this weekend and throughout next week will go ahead.


And bosses have reassured regulars that measures have been put in place to reduce any potential risks, including placing hand sanitizer dispensers at different locations within the venue.

A statement on a sex site from the club’s owners reads: “CJs parties will still be going ahead and extra measures have been put in place to reduce any risks.

“Hand sanitiser dispensers have been placed on the wall at the entrance outside the cloakroom, at the top of the stairs before you enter playrooms and in the kitchen area.

“We are asking guests to please make use of these along with washing your hands before and after play.

“We will be restricting parties to less than 100 guests until further notice. Swing safe as always.”

“If you follow the rules” a Swinging Relationship could be extremly for you

“If you follow the rules” a Swinging Relationship could be extremly for you

I hope everyone is on track to crushing your goals for this year! When I first heard the term “swingers,” it was on a talk show and I thought it was a crazy concept, like you might as you are reading this. However, before bashing swingers, listen to how it could benefit some of you.

Swingers are couples or singles who choose to have an open relationship, allowing their partners to have sex with other people, with their permission, of course. I began to learn why this type of relationship can work for anyone willing to follow the rules, respect one another, be honest, get tested for STDs, use protection, and be very selective in choosing partners and remaining private about such a new way of what some couples swear by, a healthy relationship


In the swinging world, couples make their own rules around what they need within relationships and marriages and vow to abide by the boundaries set forth. Couples or singles who select this type of lifestyle seek one or many partners for the pure excitement of getting from one partner what they don’t receive from their “main partner”, the number one significant other in their life.

For instance, one partner might enjoy the way someone else can satisfy them that their long term partner cannot do for them. When two people are very secure with themselves and a lot of trust is established then both feel comfortable allowing the other to have different mates.

They can be of the same sex or different depending upon their mood for the day/night. Some couples choose to play with other couples and keep it with just them or they may branch off and find a couple mates to play with when they are feeling frisky or their husband/wife might be tired, a woman may have just had a baby and cannot have sex for at least six weeks, their partner might travel and leave their significant other feeling like they need someone to fulfill their sexual desires while they are recovering.

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Each couple chooses together what their life will look like within their relationship and plan and play accordingly. The benefits are they often times create lasing friendships with others of the opposite sex while enjoying sexual pleasures from them as well.

Things never get stale and it usually spices up the bedroom when both mates are personally with each other. Some couples enjoy watching other couples and learn to role play and seek sexual excitement from the scenerios they create with others and follow through on.

To each his own and many people find their egos get a boost, self esteem is significantly increased as well as their moods, relationships might last longer if couples feel less pressure in the bedroom, no one has any financial obligations, and for some who cannot remain faithful find ways like this to still be married and have a family but are able to see others on the side to fulfill sexual pleasures outside of a loving relationship where both people agree this is what is best for them.

I believe it is best for couples to be discreet when choosing to be a swinger and that children are never involved. If family finds out their loved ones are involved in such a different wild lifestyle it could create a lot of turmoil. I would definitely error on the side of being cautious, but if you are curious then by all means openly discuss with your partner or if you are single then why not give it a try? You might just find you like it a lot more than you thought you would.

I understand this type of bizarre lifestyle does not work for everyone, however, the ones it does work for absolutely live by it and love it. If all of the rules and boundaries are followed and everyone is happy, there really isn’t any harm in living together this way!

Experiences shared by Marc & Shelley

Experiences shared by Marc & Shelley

Me and Marc have been into swap for a long time now but we only had FFM 3somes. For some reason, he is scared of inviting another man to fuck me. I have always been patient but lately I wanted more and more to experience a MMF threesome. I know he would be jealous if it was a friend or anyone we know, so I offered him something else (which is also a fantasy of mine): we would go to a swingers club, we’d find Mr Nobody, and him and Marc will split-roast me all night long. A win-win for everyone ?

One weekend, we did that, went to a club where no one knew us, and spent all night meeting people and trying to find a bull suitable for the job. But whenever I liked someone, I could feel Marc pulling back and not getting excited even for a second. So, I thought I’m pushing him too fast and offered to go back to the hotel room.

When we got there, I went on the balcony for a cigarette and he said he’d go out for a bit because he wanted to get some ice. It took him a while but I guess I never noticed. I was in bed reading when he came back. He was holding a blindfold in his hand, put it on me without saying a word and then told me to strip naked and to remain in bed. That’s when I heard the door open again and someone else came into the room!

Marc made me suck his cock while the other person spread my legs and started licking my ass and pussy. It was a great feeling to feel his penis deep in my mouth while the other person was eating me out. I was getting more and more wet and horny but a thought was still lurking in the back of my head – is this a man or a woman? Will hubby finally make my dream come true?

A few minutes later, Marc reached over my back and spread my legs even further apart. A second later I felt a big, fat cock slide inside my wet pussy! Holy shit, I was finally in a MMF threesome!!!

So, here I am, getting tag-teamed by my lovely husband and the mysterious stranger. I’m still wearing the blindfold and I can’t even see him. But I don’t care. Marc is busy fucking my mouth and nearly suffocates me while the other guy is methodically ramming his cock deep inside my pussy. I cum once and squirt a little but he doesn’t stop. After a while, I cum again and start feeling a bit sore – so I need a rest. Then I feel Marc’s load shooting out of his cock and right down my throat but still nothing from the other lover.

They let me rest for a bit while both lick me and touch me and make me even hornier. Then, Marc makes me get on all fours and starts fucking me from behind while it’s Mr Stranger’s turn to get a blowjob.

Soon, I cum again (for the third time!!) and feel hubby’s cock start throbbing deep inside me – he orgasms again. I want to tell the other man that I’m very tired but before that he flips me on my back, opens my legs, and starts fucking my pussy harder than ever. Soon, he pulls out and I feel the biggest load I ever experienced all over my body. It even hits my face!!

Then, Marc removed my blindfold and when I looked around, I almost jumped out of bed because besides Mr Stranger, I saw a woman sitting in a chair in the corner and holding a camera! Then I recognize them – they are a couple from the club we went to!

My husband planned it all out – he spoke to them about my fantasy while I was in the bathroom, then pretended to me that he’s backing down, and then met them in the hotel lobby (when he “went for ice”).

I can never thank this woman enough – she shared her husband with me and made a dream of mine come true. We never got their names and they didn’t know ours. We will probably never meet them again. But I’ll remember this night for the rest of my life!

How to approach a Swinger Couple. 5 Steps and rules

How to approach a Swinger Couple. 5 Steps and rules

Doyou want to give swinging a try? you have talked to your partner and both are interested? Have you read our guide about “How to become a swinger couple” ? Very good. It’s time to make a furher step

How to approach a Swinger Couple

So you and your partner have decided you want to give swinging a try? You’ve had the conversation and read some articles, and you are now ready to move to the next phase: finding a couple to “swing” with.

Should be easy enough, but what exactly is the best way to approach another like-minded couple?

Well, John and I are  swingers,ans we have compiled a top five list of important tips and strategies to help those new (and seasoned) to the lifestyle.

1. Just introduce yourselves


Seems simple enough.

You and your partner have decided to visit a local swingers club. You see another couple who seems interesting and who you both find appealing. Take the initiative and go introduce yourselves to them.

Remember this is no different from any other introduction. “Hi, how are you? I’m John, and this is my wife Jackie.”

2. Strike up a conversation

This will be the natural progression following an introduction. “So is this your first visit to the club? Do you live in the area?” Again, the conversation can begin just like any other first meeting conversation.

This is that all important opportunity to see how the four of you mesh. Is the conversation flowing? Does everyone seem to be enjoying each other?

TIP: Don’t start off by talking about sex.

3. Bringing up the lifestyle

This may sound silly, especially since you are already in an environment where like-minded couples gather, but it is still an important topic to touch on.

“So how long have you been in the lifestyle? Is this your first visit to a swingers club?” Not everyone visiting a club will be a veteran swinger. You may have approached another couple new to the lifestyle (known as a “newbie”).

Talking about the lifestyle can and does create another level of interesting conversation. “Oh my gosh, we’re new also. I was so nervous about visiting!” Or “We are lifetime members of this club and have been in the lifestyle for years.”

4. Take it to the dance floor

What better way to get a “feel” for each other than moving your newfound friendship onto the dance floor!

Both couples will have the opportunity to not only dirty dance with their own partner, but you can swap partners and really get up close and personal with your potential playmates.

5. Wanna play?


So everything seems to be going good. Everyone is having a great time. The conversations are flowing, as well as the drinks. The four of you have even ventured out onto the dance floor for a little pumping and grinding!

The energy is getting more and more sexually charged, enough so that venturing into the playrooms sounds and feels enticing.

How do you bring up moving to the playrooms? Playing is a term swingers use to describe being with another couple, whether it involves watching, heavy petting or intercourse. Sometimes it’s as simple as “Hey guys, we’re going to the playrooms … want to come?”

Remember this is about enhancing the relationship with your partner. Whether you end up playing with another amazing couple or you and your partner end up exploring each other, it will always be a successful experience.

Happy swinging!