How to approach a Swinger Couple. 5 Steps and rules

How to approach a Swinger Couple. 5 Steps and rules

Doyou want to give swinging a try? you have talked to your partner and both are interested? Have you read our guide about “How to become a swinger couple” ? Very good. It’s time to make a furher step

How to approach a Swinger Couple

So you and your partner have decided you want to give swinging a try? You’ve had the conversation and read some articles, and you are now ready to move to the next phase: finding a couple to “swing” with.

Should be easy enough, but what exactly is the best way to approach another like-minded couple?

Well, John and I are  swingers,ans we have compiled a top five list of important tips and strategies to help those new (and seasoned) to the lifestyle.

1. Just introduce yourselves


Seems simple enough.

You and your partner have decided to visit a local swingers club. You see another couple who seems interesting and who you both find appealing. Take the initiative and go introduce yourselves to them.

Remember this is no different from any other introduction. “Hi, how are you? I’m John, and this is my wife Jackie.”

2. Strike up a conversation

This will be the natural progression following an introduction. “So is this your first visit to the club? Do you live in the area?” Again, the conversation can begin just like any other first meeting conversation.

This is that all important opportunity to see how the four of you mesh. Is the conversation flowing? Does everyone seem to be enjoying each other?

TIP: Don’t start off by talking about sex.

3. Bringing up the lifestyle

This may sound silly, especially since you are already in an environment where like-minded couples gather, but it is still an important topic to touch on.

“So how long have you been in the lifestyle? Is this your first visit to a swingers club?” Not everyone visiting a club will be a veteran swinger. You may have approached another couple new to the lifestyle (known as a “newbie”).

Talking about the lifestyle can and does create another level of interesting conversation. “Oh my gosh, we’re new also. I was so nervous about visiting!” Or “We are lifetime members of this club and have been in the lifestyle for years.”

4. Take it to the dance floor

What better way to get a “feel” for each other than moving your newfound friendship onto the dance floor!

Both couples will have the opportunity to not only dirty dance with their own partner, but you can swap partners and really get up close and personal with your potential playmates.

5. Wanna play?


So everything seems to be going good. Everyone is having a great time. The conversations are flowing, as well as the drinks. The four of you have even ventured out onto the dance floor for a little pumping and grinding!

The energy is getting more and more sexually charged, enough so that venturing into the playrooms sounds and feels enticing.

How do you bring up moving to the playrooms? Playing is a term swingers use to describe being with another couple, whether it involves watching, heavy petting or intercourse. Sometimes it’s as simple as “Hey guys, we’re going to the playrooms … want to come?”

Remember this is about enhancing the relationship with your partner. Whether you end up playing with another amazing couple or you and your partner end up exploring each other, it will always be a successful experience.

Happy swinging!