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Buckling up

Not for all women, a simple gesture like buckling up your bra is as easy as you might think.

Covid Mask

I did not immediately understood what she said, using that tone of voice that only she can have when she is willing, that we would play and what precaution she would wear a mask. I love her being horny maliciously.

Man’s Intelligence

It is up to man's intelligence to know how to transform a woman into a sex animal, rather than make her more virgin than a nun.

Experience shared. Our first Orgy

Last night we finally had our first orgy! It was unplanned but not unwanted because we have always wanted to try this! Me and hubby were invited to a private party – we only knew the hosts and they are actively looking for couples to take part in their weekly orgies....

A Mirror

A mirror will never be able to convey the same sensations as a look full of passion.

Pornography is accused

Pornography is accused of provoking #sexual desire. If pornography is a crime, then when will they arrest the producers of photo filters that are used by social media?

What You Need To Know About a Cuckold Relationship

Learn what you need to know about a cuckold relationship to make it work! This short article gathers all that you have to know while cuckolding your better half. What is a cuckold? By and large use, and the utilization we will utilize in this article, a cuckold...


Marriage shouldn't be the end of our fantasies. It should be the beginning !!

Exaggerated things

And so… start to think that cup size isn't the only exaggerated thing in front of you.

Not Normal

As long as a woman is deemed unseemly if she has expressed her sexual desires and cravings, do me the favor of not calling this normal.

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A superlative beauty

A superlative beauty

Perhaps the luckiest will only happen once in a lifetime to meet that face, that look that stops time and takes your breath away, realizing that you finally feel alive. A superlative beauty is what reminds us of why life is so exciting.



Slow and continuous movements that not only upset the mind, but the whole body that indulges in its pleasure. The incessant swaying of our bodies waiting for the inevitable orgasm.



Desires. Desires are the real guilty, not me. If we repressed them we would all die, slowly day after day. But if expressing, living and realizing them is a fault, I want to be the most guilty of women.

Damn!! Abuse me Now!!

Damn!! Abuse me Now!!

Drenched with cravings and my moods, hormonally exploded for the desire to be dominated as your object. Despised, used, abused in every possible form. Because I deserve it, because I want it, because I want to walk badly coming out of your house and full of marks and...

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