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Our site offers a totally free section for Swinger Couples, Exibitionists, Trans, Bulls and everyone that knows the rules of this world. What are you still waiting to join us?

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Take a look to our members list and check if there’s someone you would like to meet. We do not hide our profiles because we don’t want to sell you anything 😉

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There’s nothing more exciting than sharing pictures to let other people comment, appreciate and talk about them.

Looking at the Ass

Men are divided into 2 categories Those who turn to look at the ass of women Those who have already done it.

A Provoking Daemon

You have to know how to be a demon to provoke. A Saint expecting to live with him togheter forever.


Desires. Desires are the real guilty, not me. If we repressed them we would all die, slowly day after day. But if expressing, living and realizing them is a fault, I want to be the most guilty of women.

Damn!! Abuse me Now!!

Drenched with cravings and my moods, hormonally exploded for the desire to be dominated as your object. Despised, used, abused in every possible form. Because I deserve it, because I want it, because I want to walk badly coming out of your house and full of marks and...

Shut up a woman

You should never allow yourself to tell a woman to shut up. If you really want to do it so that you don't speak, there are absolutely more appetizing and shared solutions.

If you always asked… How we became Swingers

Let me first start off by describing my hot sexy wife for you. She's 38 years old with a 5'8" curvy build (not fat just curvy). She has blonde hair but her natural color is brunette. She has big beautiful breasts, size 36 D, and they are implants but they feel and...

The Female

The female, in all animal species, tries to attract as many males as possible so that she can choose the best one. In the human species it often happens that she makes sex with everyone and then complain of being alone.

The dinner is served

Are you hungry how much am I? The dinner is ready on the table I put everything we need. Let's eat everything until we are hungry enough to start it again.

There are problems…

There are problems that men will never understand … How come it took you so long to get ready, you're always late, who knows what you will have to do …. Nothing … they just don't understand...

Boobs? No thank you

Boobs? Absolutely not .. nothing makes you mad and brutally inspires sex like a fantastic butt.

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Fucked with no mercy

Fucked with no mercy

My love. When we can get out of the house again, will you promise to get your friends to break my ass? I want at least 3 of them with a very big one. I really need to be fucked hard with no mercy.

Experiences shared by Me & Rita

Experiences shared by Me & Rita

I met Rita during one of my business trips to Thailand and we fell in love from the first site. Contrary to what everyone thinks, she was not a hooker or an escort – I met her in the office of my partner. Soon, we moved back to USA and started living a regular family...



A pinch of madness, a touch of narcissism, an immense pleasure in knowing pleasure. We do not run away from the modesty of showing ourselves. Hurray for Exhibitionism, Hurray for Emotions … #Exhibitiomotionals Note: If you want to show yourself, dont forget to get a...

Swinging saved our romance (true story)

Swinging saved our romance (true story)

Most women would run for the hills if they found out their new boyfriend was a serial cheat. But when Terri Ellwood discovered her date had been unfaithful to his ex-wife more than ten times, she had a very different reaction. Lee Blackley told her the only way he...

Eyes & Brests

Eyes & Brests

The first thing men notice about a woman is her eyes. Then, when her eyes aren't looking, they notice her breasts.

Show herself

Show herself

A woman who knows how much she's beautiful and loves to show herself will never take the outside temperature into account when choosing what to wear.

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